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Kale, Kale, Kale + More Kale

kale 6 ways

I’m kale obsessed and you should be too.

Here’s why:

  • It has more vitamin C than an orange
  • It has more vitamin A than any other leafy green
  • It contains the omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain & heart health

(source: Huffington Post)

On board yet? Try these recipes (pictured above):

I typically make my kale salad with granny smith apple slices, avocado, quinoa, green onion, toasted pecans, dried cranberries and Annie’s Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. Then I make kale chips with whatever leftovers I have from the week. Simple, easy, and healthy!

Are you hooked on this leafy green yet? How do you enjoy your kale?