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Vintage Heart Coffee Shop

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20130128-161740I am currently on a mission to try all of the popular coffee shops in Austin that I have yet to experience. Vintage Heart, located on East 7th St., was my first stop.

This shop instantly became one of my favorites for its atmosphere. The decor can be described as homey with a neutral color palette, warm wood tones and pinteresty details (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the wall of mismatched picture frames).

Besides the welcoming vibe, Vintage Heart knows how to do a good cup of coffee. I had the cappuccino shown above and was very satisfied with my order. I am determined to go back and try the “Ginger Peach” iced tea. Yum! P.S. they have tempting pastries from the Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery including vegan muffins and brownies.

For those who like to study or do work at coffee shops, Vintage Heart is a great option. The noise level was minimal when I was there yesterday afternoon and the music wasn’t distracting. Plus, there is free wi-fi and plenty of outlets. The website has great pictures that showcase the homey atmosphere that I’m talking about.

Vintage Heart might be the cutest coffee shop that I have been to in Austin so far. I highly recommend it!


Author: Grace

Advertising student at the University of Texas at Austin.

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