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My College Essentials

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Don’t you just love going back to school?… I’m currently dreading the start of my junior year of college. It’s weird to think that I only have two more years of college left! It seems like just yesterday that I came to UT and was completely lost as a freshman on the first day of school. I definitely don’t miss that feeling! So, as I am preparing for the new school year, I thought that I would share my college essentials. Listen up freshman, these are your go-to college necessities.

1. The CamelBak water bottle – staying hydrated is key, especially in Austin

2. Sunglasses – keep sunglasses with you at all times… just trust me

3. Pearl Studs – every girl should own pearl studs

4. Lululemon Headband – the best for holding back unruly hair

5. Tennis Shoes – for those times when you have to run to class, pair with Nike shorts

6. Watch – stay on time with a classic watch

7. Emi-Jay hair ties – these are incredible no-crease hair ties!

8. North Face Backpack – definitely use a backpack rather than a tote

9. Tinted Moisturizer – great for when you are on the go!

10. Monthly Planner – a stylish planner to keep track of your schedule is absolutely essential

Enjoy your last days of summer freedom!

Author: Grace

Advertising student at the University of Texas at Austin.

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