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“Lick” in Honor of National Ice Cream Month

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Yesterday I decided to check out the new artisan ice cream shop in Austin called Lick. Unlike any other ice cream shop, Lick offers all organic, homemade ice cream with local ingredients and unusual flavors. Each flavor has its own unique twist. I sampled “Lemon Lavender” and set my mouth on fire with “Too Hot Chocolate” until I found my favorite combination: “Fresh Mint and Chocolate Chunk” and “Orange Chocolate”. The fresh mint flavor is literally a burst of cool mint with savory-sweet chocolate chunks mixed in. Thank you July for being National Ice Cream Month, so I don’t feel bad when I go to Lick again next week.

Visit the company’s website here and follow Lick on facebook and twitter to learn about new flavors! Have a great weekend!

Author: Grace

Advertising student at the University of Texas at Austin.

One thought on ““Lick” in Honor of National Ice Cream Month

  1. I am so excited here is a new ice cream place with Fresh Flavors! Thanks for discovering and taste testing the new place. I miss Rome’s gelato hit spot called Giolitti, ( I absolutely loved their flavors, fresh cream to top off any cup or cone, and the cute icre cream boy that served it all up! So when in Austin I guess it’s Lick but if anyone is headed to Rome Giolitti is a MUST!

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