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I’m that kind of girl who loves to try new products. However, I do happen to have a few favorites…


1.  Philosophy is my everyday lip gloss for just the right amount of shine.

2.  I usually get sick of perfumes after a while but not Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue. I love the light and fresh sent and highly recommend this perfume to those who have yet to try it.

3.  I very recently bought Origins VitaZing for a quick and easy foundation. This tinted moisturizer gives a perfect glow and takes about 2 seconds to put on. Plus, it has SPF 15 and an antioxidant ingredient to make your skin look energized.

4.  Trish McEvoy Flawless Concealer is SO GREAT! It completely covers my under eye darkness after a late night.

5.  I love bare minerals. Shown here is the radiance powder I use on my cheeks for a little glimmer.

6.  No matter how many mascaras I try, I always go back to my Great Lash. 

7.  This body butter was given to me as a gift and has turned out to be a favorite of mine. It really works wonders, making my skin incredibly soft! It doesn’t have one of those overwhelmingly sweet scents either. 

What are your favorite go-to products?

Author: Grace

Advertising student at the University of Texas at Austin.

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